D.O.O.Msday HW

1. Mass of the Sun = 10^30

Mass of the Earth = 10^24

10^30-10^24 = 10^6

Ratio: 10^6

Speed of a signal in cable = 10^8

Wind speed of a powerful tornado = 10^2

10^8-10^2 = 10^6

Ratio: 10^6

2. I’d say there are 175 chips. 😕

O.O.M. = 10^2

3. I managed to arrive at 175 because I was sure that it would be more than 100 and after seeing the amount left after the whole class got a piece each, I’d say around 175. From number one I realized that the ratio of 2 large quantities and 2 small quantities can be similar

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