My Primary Way Of Knowing

Over the course of time I’m pretty sure that my way of thinking changed. I remember clear enough when I was still a kid emotions would often be the one to drive my actions and decisions. What I felt was right had to be right; no more no less. Eventually I realized that the universe did not revolve around me. Letting emotions control our every action slowly seemed more irrational as I grew older and matured because emotions can change drastically to extremes which more than often would cloud your thoughts and morality.

Currently my primary way of knowing would have to be language and reason. Reason because it is, in a way, set. Emotions would constantly morph giving different thoughts depending on your mood. By reasoning you can clearly distinguish this from that. Trouble is emotions can still cloud your reasoning. Language on the other hand is my most used way of knowing. By reading, listening and speaking you get more than what any other way of knowing can get you. Some things that logic nor reason can explain can be more visualized by art in language such as poems and songs.

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