Arrangement of Electrons

Today I learned a lot about Electron Arrangement and out of all the information I believe these 10 are some of the more important points or informations:

1. “A wave function for an electron gives the probability of finding the electron at various points in space.”

2. “n is the only quantum number which determines the energy.”

3. The electron configuration of an atom is a form of notation which shows how the electrons are distributed among the various atomic orbital and energy levels.

4. An orbital is a space that can be occupied by up to 2 electrons.

5. Energy sub levels are filled in a specific order.

6. The energy of atomic orbitals would also describe their shape.

7. Describing where an electron is can be much too difficult that we think of them as waves, but this would make it nearly impossible to comprehend their exact locations so instead we can get the probability of an electron being found in a specific place.

8. Electron density relates to how much of an electron’s charge is packed into a given volume.

9. The number of lobes increase as the quantum number of the orbitals increase.

10. The greatest electron density is at the nucleus and smoothly decreases as distance from the nucleus increases.


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