A Biography of Magnesium


One faithful day during the year 1618, a farmer at Epsom, England decided to have his cows drink from a well yet, against their natural instinct, they wouldn’t. This particular well contained water with an unusual bitter taste later identified to be caused by Magnesium Sulphate. That day I had hoped to finally be known to the world but my long slumber did not come to an end there. It was only in the year 1755 that my existence was finally recognized by this world’s seemingly dominant species. A man named Davy Humphry, whom I owe my whole life to, managed to isolate me.

The name my discoverers gave me was magnium yet as time went by I became known as what I am now, Magnesium. My assigned atomic number is 12. My mass is approximated to be 24.305 so I’m really light; my friends would even complain that I am underweight but the humans seem to find this convenient for them. You would recognize me as a white-silvery substance.

Ever since my discovery, I am proud to admit that I am of great service for this planet’s development and other such things. Compounds I am in are often used as refractory products in furnace linings for metal objects. My other services include removal of sulphur form iron and steel, photoengraved plates in the printing industry; reducing agent for the production of pure uranium and other metals from their salts; flashlight photography, flares, and pyrotechnics. I am also considered the 8th most abundant element in this world. Now I end my biography hoping that my worth and value will continue to make this world go round.

– Signed: Magnesium 😀

Read more: http://www.lenntech.com/periodic/elements/mg.htm#ixzz0u6CHtvS4

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1 Response to A Biography of Magnesium

  1. Brayden Guidry says:

    Very helpful information! Thank you for your research and interesting history! The “underweight” comment was funny too! Thank you!

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