My Beliefs

If it is true that everything else besides the fact that we exist is a belief we can only be certain of as much as we are sure of the big bang theory, then why even bother having principles and morals. If God were to judge us as a just God it wouldn’t seem fair to punish us for our so called sins for we are not really certain which actions would be good or bad. Why abide by rules said to lead you to do good when we can’t even be certain of good’s nature. Despite all this we still abide by our principals anyway because there is that “sure feeling” inside you that says this really is the right thing to do. A few principles I follow would be those such as “respect for others,” “time is money,” and “what it means to be rich.”

We may never be completely certain but one thing we can be nearly certain of is that we can be certain enough of our beliefs. Personally I base my certainty on what is socially acceptable. What most people deem as good would be the one you can be most certain of for me because the truth is really written by the majority. Even if these were to be discovered as bad the majority’s point of view would eventually rewrite this thus turning it to the truth. There is also this certainty inside you which you can’t really explain. Something that may sound corny especially given a subject similar to philosophy but I guess it’s worth placing here. Somehow deep inside you there is something that tells you this is the right thing and that’s the wrong.

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