The Window To Our World (Sense Perception Blog)

It’s quite surprising to find out about some things I’ve never really noticed in my 16 years of living that were just there right in front of me. After trying to be more aware of my surroundings there were a few things that I noticed just recently that were insignificant in a sense but they’re really there. I noticed that the back of my PS3 Blu Ray Discs are actually colored purple but you notice this only if you look rather closely, for me at least. At night I would often hear sounds coming from above my room that I can’t seem to pick up but when I listened closely it turns out that someone is just taking a shower up there, most probably. Another thing I noticed is that the overpass at the end of EDSA before arriving at Macapagal is actually breaking slowly because I found that the floor was actually showing cracks more and more every 2 or 3 days.

After this exercise I didn’t really feel very different when it comes to using my senses to scan my surroundings. I suppose as an exercise I simply forced myself to take note of these but the habit is far from there. Although it did teach me to be more appreciative and aware of my surroundings. Dangerous things are often significant details right smack in front of our faces however a caution sign can be something as small as a fly passing by.

In my point of view, our sense perceptions serve as the window to our physical world. Without our sense we’d all be living in a blank world and our sense are the ones that make this world seem to us what it really is. Without a physical world to see, touch, smell, taste or hear there would be nothing to know since what we know is all derived from the suppose truths that this physical world shows us and so our Sense Perceptions act us the primary way of knowing since it is what we all begin with.

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