Faith Exercises

As I first walked through the halls of this school during the school year’s first day, I was approached by my former CLE teacher, Mr. Acosta. He simply asked me if I was willing to be a core member of the newly established Examen Committee. Immediately I accepted the proposal for I thought this would be a good way to “develop” my relationship with God. Something I thought at first was a simple turned out to be one of the most tedious tasks written in my planner every day.

Once a month I have to write an examen and everyday I have to edit the examen written by the other members. I would often complain to myself about the workload this committee I got myself into would give me, but I would always persevere and hold on since I know this helps me know God more through the perspective of other people and at the same time I get to learn to manage my workloads.

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