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The reason we do these Video Conferences is primarily to learn new things and be more aware of our fellow people around the world. I believe this video conference managed to do just these. We learned new things from each other, some may be trivial while others more in-depth. In depth such as how the diversity of religions in India allow them to sort of ignore their differences and see us people as just one religion namely the “human race.”

I believe that the lively and informal atmosphere helped a lot, both schools were frequently throwing questions and answering back with very fruitful answers. Both schools showed respect and friendliness by using common words such as please and such. The only problems we encountered were probably the fast-paced speaking of some people and some participants falling asleep from time-to-time. Some of the Nehru and Xavier students talked a bit too fast, a good counter-example of this would be Gian Odeste who actually made an effort to talk really slow.

I hope that all these will help us move towards more effective video conferences in the future. Conferences that will help us grow to be more globally aware people.

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