My Thoughts and Conclusions on Social Justice

Through our analysis of a certain social justice issue, I’ve come to the conclusion that absolute social justice is seemingly impossible. Though many times the key principles thought to us do sketch a world where justice prevails, this is not the case in the world we live in now. Throughout the analysis one question I asked myself was: “can we even pinpoint the source of these problems” and then came the obvious answer “if we could then the issues would most likely be resolved now.” What I’m trying to point out is that social justice seems to be “asymptotic” in nature. We know the time when everyone experiences justice equally is very far from where we stand now, but that should not stop us from reaching for it. Human Dignity, Solidarity, Common Good and Subsidiarity may all seem like such hopeless means since the world we live in now does not reflect these teachings very well. However, as a people of this Earth we must never cease to climb that endless ladder leading to social justice in our community since it is our duty as Christians and as citizens of this world, much like what the principle teachings of the Church tell us.

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