Weird Food

I think people consider these food weird because they are not mainstream. In the sense that people do not really eat often. What’s worse is that these aren’t seen in most parts of the world so most of these will be considered weird food.

Being weird food does not really discount the fact that they are food. I think food should be anything edible that fills you or provides energy, nutrients and all that. So long as there is a way to prevent it from being deadly and poisonous. Normal food would be the usual everyday food we eat such as rice and fish. Weird food would be those we don’t normally encounter such as the codfish sperms and the tarantulas. Who would want to eat a sperm or tarantula anyway.

I suppose for the sake of ranking my 5 weirdest foods would be:

1. Codfish Sperm

2. Tarantula

3. Lamb Brain

4. Tuna Eye

5. Cockroach

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