Kropek !!!

Today in class we cooked KROPEK !!! Using different kinds of oil to “taste” the difference. Basically just to find out how much the kind of oil actually affects the taste.

I managed to try a lot from the butter kropek, to the olive oil, to the corn oil, to the vegetable oil. That’s really all cause I’m a bit of a health conscious person. Not too much a health freak since I give in to temptations a lot but I can manage it most of the time. To be honest the butter tasted the best to me, but that feeling of unhealthiness would often get in the way, at least for me. As usual of course the unhealthier one is more tasty, sad reality. But to be honest the difference isn’t really that much. Butter kropek isn’t really THAT much tastier than the olive oil or the corn oil. In the end they’re all just kropek to me so might as well go for the healthier one. At least that’s what I believe.

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